Patient Visitation

We have a 24 hour open visitation policy regarding visitation of residents/patients. However, we ask visitors to adhere to staff requests to step out of the room during care and treatments involving the resident/patient. This is to protect the dignity of the resident/patient.  An adult should accompany children at all times when in the facility.  Please be mindful of other patients/residents who are resting when in our facility.

Cell Phones

You may use cellular phones throughout the facility. Please keep in mind that other residents/patients may be trying to rest when in our facility.

Courtesy Phones

A telephone is in all rooms.

Local Calls

All local calls are free. To make a local call, just dial the number.

Long Distance Calls

You may place a long distance call by calling collect, charging the call to your home or using a calling card.


McMahon Tomlinson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is a 24/7 tobacco & vapor-free campus. Smoking-related illnesses comprise the largest portion of preventable diseases. Therefore,  we strictly prohibit the use of tobacco in this facility and on all facility grounds.


Jewelry, money and other valuables should be sent home at your earliest convenience. When not in use, we ask that you label and store all personal necessities such as eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures in containers. You may request these containers from the nursing staff. MTN&RC cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

Lost and Found

The front desk is the central location point for lost and found items. To report lost items or for information on items found, call 580.357.3240.

Vending/Change Machine

We have vending machines in the main dining room. You may enjoy complementary coffee and water in the main dining hall.

Nutritional Rooms

The nutritional rooms in each unit of the facility are for use by staff only. If you or your resident/patient need any type of food or drink, please contact the nursing staff on the unit. They will gladly assist you.

McMahon Tomlinson common area


You may purchase visitor meal tickets through the business office manager Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. Cost per meal is $5.00. The business office is located in the front lobby of the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. Please see the receptionist at the front desk for assistance.

Open Dining Times: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Overnight Accommodations

At the request of the patient/resident, an individual may sleep in the patient’s room overnight. MTN&RC does have a limited number of reclining chairs available for such accommodations. Recliner requests may be made to the front desk receptionist or to the charge nurse. We do not allow air mattresses or other bedding in resident/patient rooms. This could impede the nursing staff’s ability to carry out care.

Visiting Pets Policy

We limit visiting pets to dogs and cats only. If you plan to bring in a pet, you must first bring in a copy of that animal’s current shot records. Please give these records to the front desk receptionist Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm prior to bringing the pet into the building. Please keep pets on a leash at all times while in the building. If the pet becomes uncontrollable or threatening to any resident or staff member, we will ask you to remove the pet immediately. You may not bring pets into the dining room.

Spiritual Support

We have spiritual support available to you and your family. The McMahon Tomlinson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Chapel remains open 24 hours a day to people of all faith. For your convenience, the chapel is near the front entrance of the building. Different spiritual events take place weekly. These events and are on the Activity Calendar including Church Services and Bible Studies.

Helpful Phone Numbers

McMahon Tomlinson Nursing & Rehabilitation Center


Administrators Office


Business Manager


Director of Nursing


Assistant Director of Nursing


Front Desk Receptionist


Social Service Director


Comanche County Memorial Hospital